Traditional painting

I had stopped painting traditionally for a long while, kids, contracts, life sometimes got busy and since this is a personal thing it always fell to the side. I am trying to get back into it when I have some time. There is something really great about working with paint that you just don’t get from doing digital illustrations. There is no “undo” button so mistakes are a little harder to fix, or in some instances make the artwork even better! Plus, the smell of oil paint is one of my favourites.

I started painting again to work on a portrait of my golden who had passed, it was to be a kind of therapy for me.

Next I wanted to do a landscape (as I’ve never done one before)… and I wanted it to be BIG! I started with a nice bright background (which I loved!)


Then continued on to the landscape…It’s not done, but I am not really crazy about it, It’s not me… and since life is short I will probably gesso the canvas and start over again!

The top image is of my german shepherd, who’s always looking out the window while I work as she thinks she’s “on duty”. I did a quick study of her one sunny day. She’s a majestic subject! THIS was fun, just a quick 20 minute piece, no real detail or structure and I wanted to exaggerate colour. I might do some more quick studies to get back into the feel of working with paint again!

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