what to draw…

I’ve been working on some really great contracts lately, they’ve been keeping me very busy, which I LOVE. Soon I will get to share these projects publicly.  Until then I will continue to share my morning warm up doodles and illustrations. Some are finished some are roughs from my sketchbook.  I am really trying hard to keep this habit going, (was one of my resolutions this year).  Some days are hard to come up with ideas, my brain is full of what I need to do for work and I can’t come up with something I want to draw “for fun”.  Today I just drew a plant that is on my desk.  Something we all did at school! Start with still lifes!  Surprisingly I had A LOT of fun with it.  So I think I will continue to illustrate “Things on my desk” for a while.

Aloe vera plant

I am also using my morning illustration time to experiment with some new brushes. I love working digitally, it fits my life with pets and small children who tend to get into my paint. But I don’t enjoy art that necessarily looks like it’s all digital.  These brushes by Kyle T Webster are fantastic. I haven’t tried all of them yet, I am playing with the watercolour brushes and his gouache brushes to start. The thing I like most about them (other than the huge variety of brushes per package) is that they are pressure sensitive, and rotate, so although you are using one brush you can get a lot of great “real” brush behaviour out of them. Check out his brush sets, they are very affordable and so far one of my favourite internet finds!

A few more March doodles…

Sunshine bird
bunny fern
Dog in fog
dog in fog
Sketchbook fawn

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