Maplelea School Set


Warning, this is going to sound like a sales pitch, but I REALLY think this set is great!
I spent a large part of my summer working on this project with the product designers and art director at Maplelea. It’s a classroom set, sounds simple enough but there is SO MUCH to this set, including work books for 6 different subjects, filing systems with folders and files, teacher desk, magnet board with a magnetic activity for each subject etc… I did the artwork for this, and enjoyed it so much.  The only thing that makes drawing more fun for me is drawing things about Canada! Oh! and I did I mention that the ENTIRE set is bilingual?!

Here are the blank workbooks and folders (so colourful! I wish I was half as organized as these dolls are…)

Here are the workbook sheets (heavy on information AND art!)
It comes with 6 copies of each of these so the kids can use them again and again


Some of the inserts and magnetic activities that come with each subject
2014-12-03 23.25.33-1 IMG_6069 IMG_6125

Even a magnetic puzzle!


The dolls are able to hold the folders and pages.  (This doll is Saila, an award winning doll I helped worked on a couple years ago, and my personal favourite!)

And are to size with the teacher’s desk that also comes with the set.
The clothing and bag on Taryn (doll below) also have patterns and artwork that I illustrated.
You can see these clothing set here and the bag and sweater here.
The kids have already spent hours playing with this set, and even though Maplelea is marketed at girls, this set has play value for any child who loves to play school!

IMG_6115 IMG_6112 IMG_6098 IMG_6090

The outside of the school – the art director did a fantastic job on this!

If you want to check this out in the store here’s the link!

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