Velveteen Rabbit part 1

Today I started on another new letter project (trying to build my lettering portfolio in case you hadn’t noticed!)  This project is  to create a drop cap for one of my favourite books. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term they are the fancy larger letter at the beginning of a chapter or on  the cover of a old book.  First let me tell you, I thought the hard part of this project would be the actual artwork, but so far I had a heck of a time trying to pick a favourite book.  I was running from book case to bookcase in my house saying “Oooo I love this one! Oh no, this one! Oh my, no definitely this one!” Now I have a list of drop caps I want to do when I am finished this one AND a pile of books next to my bed that I HAVE to reread!  The things I suffer through for my craft!

Finally,I have chosen the letter “V” for the Velveteen rabbit, a book I’ve always loved and have yet to do a finished piece of art for it. Now especially, it reminds me of the little man and his favourite toy Bunny Bunny that he takes everywhere he goes since the day he was born.

bunny bunny

Today was about research. I read the book again and did some brain storming. Then I created a mood board to get a feel and references  for what I might like to show in my letter.

e7722bc4 3623b214 495800e8

Than I  played with the letter V for a bit….

page of V

and than made more story specific letters,  there are a few in here that I like the concepts of, so I am going to clean them up and work on them a bit and we will see where they take me!

V page 2

More to come!


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