Over the Christmas holiday I took  Part 2 of the hand lettering course on Skillshare.  I had to go through this one a little faster since I had work to do as well.  But I still enjoyed it very much, and have already signed up for yet another lettering class!

My husband and I recently started watching the Doctor Who series (I know, we are a little late to the show, but now we get to watch a bunch of episodes in a row!) .  We both really love it.  We enjoyed Doctor #9, he got  us hooked, I LOVED Doctor #10 and now we are onto #11 who also has his charm… But for this project I focused on Doctor 10’s saying Allons-y! It’s fun, and motivating. How could you NOT want to “Allons-y” with him and adventure in time and space in the T.A.R.D.I.S!

I started once again with my roughs. (this was rough #4, there was some brainstorming and fixing that happened before it got to this point)


After I was happy with the rough, I went onto do an inked line version


I really like the idea of doing these by hand and then scanning them in.  It is more fun to do, and it also allows your letters to be imperfect, and really feel like they were done by hand.

After this I started adding colours and textures. I already knew I wanted to play with blue and gold but had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do with the background, I liked the look of darker backgrounds but felt like the letters were getting lost.

Allons-ycolour opt

Finally, loving the navy I brightened up the blue a bit in the lettering, added a proper drop shadow (light source being the T.A.R.D.I.S).

And this is the finished product! I am excited about it, it has the movement and the fun I wanted and really says steampunk and Doctor Who to me.
Allons-y final

(some close ups)

close up 1

detail 2


  1. Wow this is just perfect! 🙂 I also started late in watching Doctor Who and I just switched over to the 11th Doctor, but #10 is (in the moment) still the best for me 🙂 I was searching for a nice motivating poster or theme to put on my wall in my new flat and found yours 🙂 May I use your picture for a small private poster? This would be perfect 🙂 (No worries I’m a private person and have no intention to make money with it. Just looking for something nice an motivating :))
    Warm regards Bernie from Germany


  2. Hi Celeste. Totally gorgeous work my fellow Whovian. I would love it on a spare tire cover on the back of my Jeep Wrangler. Please tell me it’s possible. Thank you


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