New year plans

Jan 6 doodle

So as most working artist know, our imaginations are huge. We have SO MANY PLANS! Not all of them see the light of day, but I think the act of having all these ideas, even just jotting them down for another time (or never) is important for our creative well being.

This year, just like every year, I made a list of things I want to accomplish or try this coming year. Some are for my personal growth or pleasure, some are to make money (this is a career after all…).  My big one is to draw more.  I know that sounds ridiculous since all I do all day long is draw. But I mean just fast, fun drawings.  Not with any goal or finish product in mind.  It’s funny because when I started my Doodle and Scribbles blog (which this one replaces last year) it was to do just this! Somehow though, I got busy working on contracts or big projects and I forgot to JUST DRAW.  So each work day I hope to do a warm up drawing. Just something small. In whatever style I feel like doing it in. JUST BECAUSE.

I hope all of you have a wonderful 2014, full of exciting objectives and fun projects!


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