Winter Moose

Winter Moose

This past year has been  an interesting one for me.  I knew there would be many changes with both kids back at school and I could dedicate my days (and full attention) to my illustration.  For those of you who know me,  you know how much I love what I do.  So 2013 was full of preparation. What do I want to do, now that I am re-entering the world full time? I’ve always been working, staying in the loop, but I wanted to redefine myself as an illustrator.  I’ve mentioned all this before in other posts so I won’t get into it too much.  I feel like I’ve had a Eureka moment in the past few months. I’ve figured it out. This is what I love doing, and what I want publishers to hire me for! This is how I work, my illustration style what I like spending my days doing.  This past 6 months I’ve been trying to use my photographs in my illustration work a little more (Elliott and the Whale).  Sometimes it’s textures, sometimes it’s little details here and there.  With this most recent illustration the entire background is a photo.  I took this photo last winter in Algonquin Provincial Park, one of my favourite places.  I had taken a whole bunch of photos in hopes of maybe using them for something like this. Finally I did it! I am so happy with the result.  This experiment also helped me work through my Amelie the Storyteller illustration. I was a little stuck on the furry animals in that one, how to render them in colour, but now I know what to do.  I plan on finishing that illustration over the Christmas break, since I have other contracts I need to work through right now, but until then I can continue to experiment.
So here it is, my Winter Moose.  I will be adding the kids to this illustration for use as my Family Christmas card.  But I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so for now this is the illustration.  I will show you all the finished card after my family and friends receive their copies in the mail.  Once I post the version with the kids I will also show you my process on this one. I was going to do it today, but I want you to see from start to finish, including the roughs and that would spoil the surprise!

Stay tuned!


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