Hand lettering part 2

pencil final
So here it is! The final pencil drawing for my hand lettering course.  I am pretty happy with it!  So this past weekend I worked on the inking process to bring it to the final inked line drawing.  We had to do it by hand, that was part of the assignment.  I had to redo so many parts because I just wasn’t happy with my line, or my curve, or the thickness of the line etc.   I practiced great restraint at not just doing it all digitally and for some reason held my breath while doing any long lines… but it is done! all by hand! and more than anything now,  I want to colour it.

Here are my two (cleanest) papers of parts of my text, you will see all the corrections I did beside the art to photoshop in place later

line page #1 line page #2

And than I had 3 finals because I was having so many doubts about the warp lines.  They are just so dark! Especially when, in my head, they are not a dark colour at all but rather a light bright warp drive feeling of light moving! So I have one with dark lines, one with medium lines and one with very few.

final ink working file final ink working file2 final ink working file3
My favourite, and the one I am calling my final is the middle one.  As line art I think it reads the best.  But still when I colour it those lines won’t be black!  The course ends here, but I plan on colouring it anyway, I want to finish it!  I will post the finished coloured piece when I do it! Thank you all for your encouragement! And your suggestions and opinions here and on my Facebook page, you have been wonderful at participating in my learning experience!

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