Winter is coming

It’s getting cold here in Canada.  One of my favourite pass times is working in my yard.  The kids and I have worked very hard to make it as wildlife friendly as possible.  Since we live in a new suburb development there are no mature trees left, or old growth.  We do a lot of reading about native plants and what plants are useful to the birds and lovely at different times of year.  I think we are doing pretty good, we have many critters that are slowly reintroducing themselves to the neighbourhood, and we get most of them in our yard, which makes me and the kids very happy.

The wildlife is also a great inspiration to me, and sometimes a fun creative start to my work day! Because it’s getting so cold here, I’ve been having fun sketching and adding clothing to my little birds… strange I know, but it’s a quick and fun activity that gets me ready for more serious artwork throughout the day!




Imagine if I could really knit! oh the possibilities, my yard might look something like this scene …

(photo from )

Actually if a photo like this isn’t incentive to learn I don’t know what is!


    1. oh that’s lovely! We don’t have any squirrels back in our area yet, but I hope one day they will! Is the tree in your yard? I love watching the change of seasons and all the prep work that goes into it for the animals around here, it’s quite amazing!


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