Business Cards!

box 1

It’s HERE!!!  (Yay! is right!)

box 2

business cards and boxI recently took advantage of a sale happening at to purchase my business cards.  I wanted something really nice since I hadn’t had business cards for over a decade! So I splurged and got the Luxe line of business cards and I am so happy I did!


card edgeThey are such a nice texture, and thick! And just to make them even more lovely they have a stripe of coloured paper through the centre! They actually feel like coasters.  These cards will stand out in a pile.

business cards

The other nice part of ordering from is that you can have a variety of images on your cards, all in one box order and they are not ridiculously expensive.  This is terrific for artists of any kind, a great way to show off a variety of your work, like a mini portfolio! I am thrilled with these, happy with the print quality, paper quality and the speed that it was delivered in. Honestly couldn’t ask for more! also has a variety of other paper products available, I’ve ordered cards through them before and wasn’t disappointed, I think my next moo purchase will be stickers… who doesn’t love stickers!

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