Echo the Cat Fall wallpaper

Echo Oct 2013_WS

This is something I used to do all the time.  Free downloadable Echo desktop wallpapers!

Echo is a character I had developed based on my black cat.  She was a sweet and sensitive cat but also very simple (unlike most complex cats).  This always made me think of her as a kitten, very childlike.  So if you look back at other Echo art, you will see she’s always doing something whimsical and playful.  Mousie is her favourite friend and always with her on her adventures.

Now that I am working full time I hope to do more of these.  It’s nice to work with this character again, and I hope you all enjoy her too!  I would like to try to do one a month, but no promises, contracts always have to come first, but I do promise to keep working on her and sharing free wallpapers with you as often as I can!

To download this wallpaper follow these links

1600 x 1200
1920×1200 (widescreen)
1024×1024 (ipad)
If you enjoy these and think others will too feel free to share this link!

~ Céleste


    1. thank you so much Aerin, I don’t sell prints, but I do hope to one day, I am focused on contract work at the moment. I will post it here when it happens. Thank you for wanting to support artists this way, it means so much to myself and other artists that people can appreciate the work that goes into an illustration/painting etc. Thank you so much!


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