Taking a minute part 3

butterfly fall

And we are off! The kids are at school and I am working full time now.  I am actually working during day time hours! It’s quite a change. I am getting so much done and can’t wait to start on my list of unfinished personal projects, start some new ones and have the pleasure of working with some new clients.  The bonus is when the kids come home, I can stop (because I’ve gotten a full day of work in), and listen to their adventures in their new classes and school.  I feel like there is more of a balance to my life already and it’s only been 2 days! So stay tuned, you are going to be seeing a lot more posts and work on my site this coming year. It’s going to be a GREAT one!

This illustration is my final Monarch butterfly piece. They’ve been my cover images for my Facebook page for the past season.  Now it’s getting closer to fall temperatures (my favourite time of the year). So time for a new adventure for Fox and Bunny!

monarch page


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