Work in Progress~ Amélie the Storyteller Part 1

Amelie the storytellerline

I have just started my illustration starring my other little one Amélie.   This one will be a warm green forest scene instead of the cool blues of the previous piece.  The final finished style will be the same as Elliott and the Whale.  Normally I start out by doing a bunch of sketchbook sketches for compositions.  This time I did it on the computer.   As you can see it’s quite rough, but since this is for me and not a client I can be a little looser with my roughs than usual.  Also there isn’t much detail yet. I plan on adding more little critters and bugs as the details in the leaves, ground and trees develop.

Amelie the storyteller (rough)

Next I roughly colour block what I am thinking.  I like doing this because it also helps me see if my composition is balanced and interesting.

Amelie the storytellercolour block

Now I am starting to figure out where my highlights and shadows are.  As you can see I still haven’t really started on any details yet.  Still just figuring out my lighting so that I have a clear idea of how things will be put together when I start on each item and character in the artwork.   Knowing what direction your light source is coming from is important because it will affect the textures and shapes of each of the characters and objects in the image.   In this illustration I have two light sources (because I like a challenge). I have some back lighting as well as a beam of diffused light from the top right hand side of the illustration.  I want this to be speckled light eventually, so it looks like some sharper light is coming in between the tree’s canopy.  This will also add some interest to the ground since it will create some interesting shadows.  That is coming up next!


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