Elliott and the Whale

Elliott and the whale

I took some time off from working full-time when my little ones were born, now that they are older and off to school I am excited to get back into illustrating full-time again.  I’ve always felt I was lucky to be able to work from home, doing something I love AND having the pleasure of being there with my kids.

Now I feel like I’ve been given another gift!  Since I’ve been away from “the scene” for a while, I feel like I am reintroducing myself to the world of business and potential clients. Which means I can re-invent myself a little.  Above is the type of artwork I’ve always wanted to do.  It’s the semi realistic, but still very whimsical illustration style that I’ve been working towards for a while in my personal time.  This is one of the pieces I will be using to sell myself this year as an illustrator (probably for the book publishing industry, which has always been my passion).

This one is inspired by the little man Elliott.  He loves water and is fascinated by every creature that lives in it.  Here are a few close ups.

Elliott close up


boy and whale


whale close up




  1. i always loved your work, (I shared your tags a few years ago on my blog), but I really love this one because I love whales! But does this mean no more black cats?


    1. There will always be room for Echo 😉 She holds a special place in my heart. Thank you for your nice comment! And for sharing my work!


  2. I’m in amazement! beautiful illustration 🙂 I’d love to feature you on Chidlren’s Illustrators on Fire for Illustrator of the Day!


  3. Fantastic! My little girl loves ‚The Boy and the Whale‘ by Mordicai Gerstein. When I saw this image, I was so excited to find another beautiful book about a whale. When it does get made, let me know!


    1. Hi Arina, thank you for the lovely comment, I wish it was book! It’s just a single illustration sadly. But maybe I need to get on that!


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