New Maplelea Girl items!

 New Maplelea Girl items!

This past summer I’ve been working a lot on new merchandise with the fine people at Maplelea! These hard working women come up with cool fashions for these dolls, and the quality of the clothing is terrific! I wish many of the outfits came in sizes for my kids (and the above outfit for myself!)

This one does come in kids sizes! So there is a matching pj for the doll and the child 😀

In all these items I did the illustration work, the patterns and the journal pages that come with each product. My job is so much fun 😉
Each clothing item comes with journal pages with information on Canada, or the province the doll comes from.

Where to purchase these items:

Strong and Free
Kaleidoscope PJs for doll  for child
Brilliant Bedding
Night Owl Nightwear
Ice Cap Backpack Set
Clam Digger
Green Team

Photos of the dolls are from the Maplelea catalogue and are the property of Maplelea.  To order a catalogue of all their items visit their site here!


  1. Oh, wow Celeste! These are awesome! There's so much you actually have to so-well done! And I think a lot of people would agree with you wishing these come up in kid's sizes…the bedding especially!Very cool 🙂


  2. Wow, everything looks amazing. Fantastic work! Congrats on such an exciting job!! Imagine all the kids who will enjoy the things you designed, maybe even keep them and give them to their own kids!


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