What I’ve been up to….

This post is going to be a big one! I can finally share all I’ve been working on for the past 6 months or so with you guys!

First of all there is the big news, Saila.  She is the newest Maplelea Girls doll. I did all the illustration and design work for this one, including fabric patterns and illustrations that are used on her accessories and outfits. It was a HUGE project, but obviously worth it since….

Saila won the 2012 Children’s Choice Award from the Canadian Toy Testing Council! 

And here are some examples of the journal pages. Again, all the illustration and design work was done by myself, BUT it is meant to represent Saila (the doll’s) drawings. This book is in three languages, English, Inuktitut and French. What a project! (click on the image to make it larger if you want to see details).
While this big project was going on, I was also providing extra journal pages (design and illustration) for the other dolls, as well as illustrations to be printed or embroidered onto other outfits. It’s so cool to see my work used this way, so much variety! What a blast! 
Above is a pair of pjs for the doll, but the cool part is, you can also get the pjs and slippers for your own child!  I did the pant pattern as well as the polar bear illustration for the shirt. I also did the snow flakes that were embroidered on the slippers. Very cool.  Also the illustrations and pattern for the bedding for the newest doll, Saila.  All of these items are now for sale at www.maplelea.com
Below are a couple more items. All patterns and illustrations were done by myself.  Illustrations that are placed in the photos are from the journal pages that come with the item of clothing.  Photos of the dolls in their gear are from the Maplelea catalogue and belong to Avonlea Traditions. 

To see some other items I’ve worked on in the past check out this old post… http://doodlesscribbles.blogspot.com/2010/11/maplelea-girls-clothing.html


  1. Celeste,So proud of you that my heart could burst! The designs are gorgeous and thoughtful and the extraordinary details found throughout justify the win and then some! My favourite part, and what makes this project so special, is that I can see "You" on each page. Your signature style and finesse and the amazing talent that you possess to bring animals to life. Congratulations; you really earned this!Love & Confetti,Andrea


  2. those are cute! I don't know where you can get them, I know that Maplelea.com has a couple different shirts that match the doll and the girl, as well as the polar bear pj and slippers. but they don't have any sweaters (as of yet! who knows what the brains at Maplelea have in mind!) have you tried online? Or even getting something custom knit for you by someone at Etsy.com?


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