Canadian Wildlife Seriespaper

I am very excited to introduce this new collection of paper animals. I am working with Canadian Wildlife to help the world see the beautiful diversity of animals we have here in Canada! I will be adding a new animal each month.  These three are available for purchase in my Etsy store.

These make great presents to yourself, or others 😉 They are also great for children’s rooms, especially baby rooms since babies are attracted to the contrasting colours as well as the textures in these pieces.

I am also available to do custom orders if you want families of these animals, or other variations!


  1. As a sister Canadian I nominate the raven for inclusion. When we lived in tiny, oceanside village in northern BC the ravens used to play bowling for dollars on our roof. In the very early, EARLY morning. They would fly up to the top with stones in their beaks. Then they would let the stones go. Tip, tap, tip, they would roll down the roof and then CLANG, BANG, CLANG they would travel down the rain spout. I thought it was hilarious, my parents did not…


  2. You bet! I love the ravens around here too, they are playful and beautiful! I love the way you wrote your description of them, you sound like you should be a children's book writer! They are on my list!


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