Layersdigital illustration

As a Canadian I am familiar with layers of clothing in the winter… so are my kids 🙂
Please click on image to see a larger view. Oh and after you click to see it bigger you can zoom in a little too! Huzzah!


  1. Ah, Celeste! When people ask "What does it mean to be Canadian?", we should all have this illustration laminated, ready to pull out of our wallets! I love it: from the vibrant use of colours {all the better to see you in a snow drift, my dear}, to the HBC scarf {I really believe they grew from a seed planted on every Canadian's winter gear shelf},and the shapes {the rotund "little-man" who is easily as round as he is high}, accompanied by plump, glowing cheeks that can only achieve that hue by combining exuberance, creativity, a runny nose and Jack Frost, with a dash of snow fort. Add to that the scene with the little brother from "A Christmas Story", & you have encapsulated one of those pivotal moments in Motherhood & Childhood; the kind that make you laugh, despite the fact that it took you 20 minutes to wrestle all that gear ON in the first place, and that was only 25 minutes AGO! Precious, and I second the notion of a book!Andrea


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