Group Hug, Heart for Haitidigital illustration
Go to Miner Thought’s Tag a Heart Facebook page and tag a friend or loved one, each tag raises a dollar for Haiti. 

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  1. {leans over & gives you a quick hug}….. After watching the devestation and the medical implications of such a disaster, my brain hurts at the magnitude of what needs to be done to even restore Haiti, but what frustrates, agonizes and breaks my heart is thinking about the children that are left behind to cope. What you have tenderly managed to do with this piece is focus on the most integral and vulnarable segment of the population, but you have chosen to hone in on what ultimately makes children so special; their resilience and their natural aptitude to lean towards happiness, even if it is just a glimmer of light peeking through the clouds of reality. You tempered the cuteness {not that they aren't adorable}, maintained your style and have contributed to positive, tangable progress. Kudos to you and this whole endevor.Love,Andrea xoxoxo

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